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Welcome to Mudfish. Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, we are a SEO Agency with a lot to offer! From helping your website rank on Google to ensuring that the right people are visiting your website, we can really help you and your website go further and do more!

What do we offer here at mudfish?

Our services:

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is one of the main services we provide for clients here at Mudfish and it really is the service that we are built around. We work with a whole range of clients to help them rank on Google and other Search Engines for their specific keywords. This allows them to be the business of choice when a visitor searches for a product or service they provide on Google, Bing etc.

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Another one of the many services we offer here at Mudfish is Website Design. We work closely with clients to ensure that not only is their website operational, but also that it looks nice and works efficiently to convert visitors into clients. Our website design services tie in with our SEO services to ensure that your website is mobile friendly and works across a range of platforms. Alongside that, we work on things like Navigation around the site, Layout, Images and more!

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Website Maintenance/Support is another one of the services we offer to our clients here at Mudfish. When offering Website Maintenance, we work with your website to fix the back-end issues. Things like Loading Speed, Loading Errors and more are all part of the Website Maintenance services. Sometimes websites can have issues such as the Loading Speeds which can hugely effect your SEO and Ranking on search engines and you don’t want that!

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How does SEO benefit you?

How can a good Ranking on Google help your business?

A good website ranking can benefit your business and your website in a range of ways. Being ranked high on Google is great but sometimes, high just isn’t good enough. When you rank in the top 3 on Google, you are the first few results that popup when people are searching the keyword or phrase that you rank for. This is great because if people are searching for the keyword or service that you rank for, then you will come up and be the answer to that search. Alongside helping you stand out to people, with that comes an increased rate of traffic. When ranking on Google for competitive keywords, you will see an increase in your traffic as people will now be visiting your website!

Now being able to rank is great, however we also work with you to ensure that when you get those visitors to your website from the Search Engines, that your website is setup to efficiently convert them from Visitors into Clients/Customers for your business.

our happy, previous clients!

Take a look at some of Our Previous Clients!

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Website Design

RG Contractors is a family run landscaping and driveways business located in Solihull, Birmingham.



Our service is bespoke to the needs of each individual client, and our aim is to remove barriers and unnecessary bureaucracy and to focus on customer care.



The Regent Hotel is a beautiful, family-run hotel bar and restaurant. Located in the heart of Doncaster town centre.