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Welcome to mudfish!

Search Engine Optimisation Agency

Welcome to Mudfish. Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, we are a SEO Agency with a lot to offer! From helping your website rank on Google to ensuring that the right people are visiting your website, we can really help you and your website go further and do more!

As mentioned, we are a Search Engine Optimisation Agency and our main focus is to get our clients ranking number 1 on google for specific keywords. We are strong believers here at Mudfish that every one of our clients deserve to rank number 1 on google and that is exactly what we enable them to do! We work around the clock, as a team to ensure that our clients don’t just rank number one on google, but that their website is fitting and would benefit from a number one ranking!

The team here at mudfish!

Take a look at our team here at Mudfish and find out more about what we have to offer!

David Johnson

Managing Director

Hi, my name is David and I am the Managing Director here at Mudfish.

Ian Barber

Website Maintenance

Hi, my name is Ian and I work within Website Maintenance here at Mudfish.

Stephen Harrington


Hi, my name is Stephen and I work within Content here at Mudfish.


Back-end Coder

Hi, my name is Adam and I work within Coding here at Mudfish.

Emma Wallace

Office Manager

Hi, my name is Emma and I work in the Office here at Mudfish.

Emily Johnson

Email Marketing

Hi, my name is Emily and I work within Email Marketing here at Mudfish.

Joe Taylor


Hi, my name is Joe and I work within Design here at Mudfish.

Ryan Houghton

Website Designer

Hi, my name is Ryan and I work within Website Design here at Mudfish.